the true story of Jesse James

In 1948 a man named Rudy Turilli made a startling discovery that would change the pages of history forever.

By pure chance, Rudy learned of a centenarian in Lawton, Oklahoma who went by the name of J. Frank Dalton. Amazingly, J. Frank Dalton astonished the world when it was revealed that he was actually the world's most infamous outlaw... Jesse Woodson James. Skeptical internationally renowned reporters and investigators seized the opportunity to expose what was fully expected to be a hoax. However, after thorough and exhaustive investigation, including physiology and forensics, the professionals were forced to concede that J. Frank Dalton was in fact the one and only Jesse Woodson James who had "faked" his own death in 1882 to evade capture.

Testimony and affidavits from investigators, reporters and witnesses who knew Jesse (including members of the James Gang, law enforcement officers and even a retired judge) testify under oath that Jesse James (AKA J. Frank Dalton) had conspired with Missouri Governor Thomas Crittenton in order to free Jesse forever from his fugitive status. Rudy Turilli spent over 20 years conclusively proving to a skeptical world that J. Frank Dalton (or Uncle Jesse, as he became to be known) was indeed the world's most famous outlaw.

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